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I Am Here To Help All That Wants To Move To The Next Level

I am a Designer and Marketer with a background in Advertising and Brand Development. I work primarily with businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative services professionals to help them engage with the audiences that matter most to them through effective marketing and media. I cover a broad range of clients from entertainment companies, ad agencies, and businesses. Whether strategy, technical implementation or creative execution, I help position my clients to align their messaging and media to create awesome experiences for the audience, while achieving the desired goal. As a designer, storyteller, YouTube creator and speaker, I educate and motivates my clients and contemporaries by focusing on creating value. For over 2 decades I have worked in the creative services profession with positions as an in-house designer, marketing manager, ad agency designer and now currently is the Chief Creative Officer of my own Design Studio. My services include design, social media marketing, content creation and video marketing as well as training. Currently, I am the host of the #AimHighEveryDay Podcast and creates weekly Online video content based primarily on creative execution, marketing and career development in the creative services industry.

Brand Development

As a speaker, I cover a variety of topics that fall within his wheelhouses such as video marketing, personal branding, entrepreneurship, career development, and social media. I have attended various events as a speaker. Having the best software and hardware to execute on your projects is a great investment, why not get the most from it? Utilizing your tools their fullest potential is so important for productivity, whether you are an individual or business. I can provide you or your team with targeted training that will help you achieve your productivity goals or learn to take advantage of new tools and platforms.

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