Mike Powlas is a YouTube and Video marketing consultant with a large amount of his background in social media, mobile, and video marketing. Mike delivers top quality in all that he does from his products, video's presentations and live events. Because he loves to present and share his knowledge with others and is one of the most experienced in the industry, Mike has inspired other video and internet marketers across the country that have enjoyed success by implementing his techniques. Through his education and experience, Mike has become an expert in marketing and some of his highlights include; specializing in converting traffic into dollars, making video views into money, turning website visitors into clients and with this expertise he uses creative ways of finding and maintaining customers through video strategies. Mike Powlas successfully completed exclusive training and passing all 8 of the YouTube Creator Academy exams.

Audio Video

Mike is a audio-visual production specialist, he teaches on how to adjust and operate various audio and video components, including cameras, microphones, lights and sound mixers. A comprehensive understanding of telecommunications and media, and the dissemination of information are important to get you content on social media platforms. 


One of the most popular websites in the world is the video sharing site YouTube, and most other major sites also feature videos of one kind or another. Watching a video is the preferred method of learning about a service or product for a huge number of people, as well as for educating themselves about something or just relaxing. Streaming video represents video that is sent over the Internet in a compressed form that can then be watched by the viewer in real time. There is no waiting around for the file to download, as the video begins to play as soon as the user requests it to. A player is required to show the video, however, as software is needed to decompress the file and display it on the screen, along with any associated sound. These players are integrated into most devices today or can be downloaded separately from a website.

Bring your ideas to life with Video Streaming

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